Are you on the lookout for farmland?

We have recommendations and resources to help. If you’re ready to grow your farm but need to find a site suited to your needs, we can help.

In addition, you can find land ready for farming:
  • Through a real estate broker
  • Through options available on the Internet (Kijiji, classified ads, etc.)
  • Through ads in the local newspapers and various trade journals (Farm Focus, Rural Delivery)
  • By contacting landowners directly
  • By talking with contacts in the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries (see Appendix B in the New Entrants Guide)
  • By talking with lending institutions
When buying land, ask your realtor these important questions:
  • Do they have experience in selling agricultural land and farm operations?
  • Do they understand the FLIP?
  • Do they have the capacity to value the farm operation as a business or just the land and buildings?
  • Do they just charge commission on the land and buildings, or do they also charge commission on the value of the business, licences, or quota if involved in the sale?
Want to make sure the areas you’re looking at are favourable to your crops?

Explore these interactive maps that will help you find properties suited to your needs.

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